Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) or Drone Training for Educators- Why is this important?

Battery Creek High School- Drone Day Beaufort SC

Battery Creek High School- Drone Day Beaufort SC

Drones is a growing multi-billion dollar industry and they are becoming a normal part of everyday life in some form or fashion. This innovative technology is rapidly becoming involved in many trades and occupations including surveyors, civil engineers, real estate professionals, tower climbers, power-line inspectors, and US Military and other civilian occupations. Students of tomorrow will need to know about drones, airspace, aviation safety, and of course the new world of robotics and technology innovations.

Today most students in junior high and high school have already been flying drones and some are using drones for imaging and drone racing leagues with virtual reality head gear. Students love drones!

Today’s high schools and junior high schools are getting more involved in Science Technology Education and Math (STEM) programs. What better tool to teach students than to safety use drones to teach students about robotics, airspace, aviation, weather, safety, and careers in the aviation and robotics industries.

Educators and School Districts are increasingly more interested in getting drones and aviation programs in their schools without having to make huge investments in airplanes, hangers, and expensive simulators and addressing liability concerns.

What is CrossFlight doing to meet this challenge?

CrossFlight has been reaching out to educators and school districts to explore their needs and we have come up with some insightful solutions and training courses with curriculum that is affordable and address the drone program issues and training needs of educators within the various school districts in the US. We are excited to teach and educate people to operate drones IAW FAA regulations and ensure safety of people and property.

Click on the Picture to Learn more about our course offerings!

Click on the Picture to Learn more about our course offerings!

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The Sky is No Longer the Limit with Drones!