High School District Drone Checklists- Why is this important?

CrossFlight’s mission is to improve the safety of the National Airspace System ((NAS) through educating the future generation of aviators and drone operators. Our goal is to provide students with the best educational tools and classes to ensure the safety of the NAS. Jerry Whittaker- CrossFlight CEO

Does your High School Use Drones?

Beaufort Academy Drone Day Class

Beaufort Academy Drone Day Class

School District Drone Use Checklist

We’ve developed an internal checklist to help you establish a drone safety program that will ensure safe operations and limit liability for schools in your district. It’s important to ensure procedures are in place for understanding Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Regulations, as well as ensuring young people learn how to safely use drones while introducing them to aviation sciences in support of STEM programs.

  • Does the school or district facilities have a formal drone program?

  • Do teachers use pre-flight checklists and risk mitigation forms?

  • Are all school district drones registered with the FAA and have the registration numbers displayed on the outside of the drone? use and documentation?

  • Do teachers have flight binders for documentation of flights?

  • Does the school district have UAS or drone maintenance plans and record keeping procedures?

  • Are all applicable teachers FAA Part 107 Certified Pilots?

  • Do current insurance policies include coverage for Small Unmanned Air Systems/Drones? (Note: most private policies do not cover aircraft)

  • Are policies and procedures in place regarding non-school owned flights over district owned facilities and is there signage in place for no drone zones?

How CrossFlight can help?

  1. Assist with procedures and policy for teacher and student use of district owned and/or personal equipment.

  2. Help with equipment purchases to meet training objectives for STEM education programs.

  3. Check for additional state and/or local regulations that may be in place and ensure they are included in your district policy if applicable.

  4. Help set up your training programs for district staff to understand Federal Regulations relating to drone use.

  5. Help you implement a Detailed Privacy Policy specific for drone use.

  6. Provide School Resource Officers (SROs) with training on procedures, laws, and enforcement regarding the use of drones on or over school property.

Please feel free to contact: JustinR@Crossflightskysolutions.com or Mark Howard Markh@CrossFlightskysolutions.com for more information on our classes .